SWIFCOB 18 «Ökosystemleistungen: vom wissenschaftlichen Konzept zur praktischen Anwendung»


The SWIFCOB (Swiss Forum on Conservation Biology) is an annual conference of the Swiss Biodiversity Forum. It regularly convenes ca. 200 actors from science, administration and society and encourages debate on hot topics and cross-sectoral solutions regarding the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

This years iteration will feature ecosystem services and their path from scientific concept to concrete application. Taking the concept of ecosystem services beyond being included in political startegies and develop it into concrete measures, has proven to be difficult so far. This conference will try to further the discussion on this issue. The following questions shall be discussed

  • How can ecosystem services be translated into political strategies
  • What experiences have cantons, parcs, agriculture or other countries made while applying the concept?
  • What is actually working and which barriers do exist?
  • Which foundations and methods need to be used to successfully use the concept in spatial planning in Switzerland?
  • In which areas may an application not be sensible>

The 2018 SWIFCOB, held on 9 February 2018, is organised by the Swiss Biodiversity Forum of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences with support from the Universities of Geneva and Zurich, the Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft and the Direction générale de l’agriculture et de la nature of the canton of Geneva. The event will be held in German. A full agenda can be accessed here, to register please visit the website of the event. 



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