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As Europe’s network of biological collections and the leading European voice for taxonomy and systematic biology, we lead and partner in projects where the outcomes can be of value to our community: developing resources, sharing good practices or applying our work to further research.

Projects listed here include those that were created by CETAF or where CETAF is a main partner in the project. 

BiCIKL will initiate and build a new European starting community of key research infrastructures, establishing open science practices in the domain of biodiversity through provision of access to data, associated tools and services throughout the entire research cycle. BiCIKL will provide new methods and workflows for an integrated access to harvesting, liberating, linking, accessing and re-using of sub-article-level data extracted from literature. The project will provide access and tools for seamless linking and usage tracking of data, for the first time.


Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE) aims to accelerate the use of genomic science to enhance understanding of biodiversity, monitor biodiversity change, and guide interventions to address its decline. To deliver this, BGE brings together two newly-formed networks: BIOSCAN Europe, which focuses on DNA barcoding, and the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA), which focuses on genome sequencing.

DiSSCo Prepare is a project developing a Construction Masterplan for the implementation of DiSSCo Research Infrastructure. The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is a new world-class research infrastructure for natural science collections. It works for the digital unification of all European natural science assets under common curation and access policies and practices. These aim to make the data easily Findable, more Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). As such, DiSSCo enables the transformation of a fragmented landscape of the crucial natural science collections into an integrated knowledge base that provides interconnected hard evidence on the natural world.


TETTRIs project aims to produce a transformative change in the role played by taxonomy in tackling biodiversity challenges. It contributes to Transform Taxonomy in Europe through training programmes to facilitate the continuous updating of taxonomists' competencies and skills, also by engaging citizen scientists in the natural sciences as key actors in the co-generation of taxonomic knowledge and biodiversity data collection, and by developing innovative methods and digital solutions to improve taxonomic knowledge.


The Red List of Taxonomists project brings together individual scientists, research institutions, and learned societies from across Europe, the project will compare the trends and pull up recommendations to overcoming the risks, preserving and further evolving the expert capacity of this scientific community. Unlike species extinctions, the loss of taxonomic knowledge is reversible, especially when the needs are clear and the necessary resources are invested in education, training, career development, and recognition.

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