Quick, neverending and useful: the 3mins survey we need to know you!

Our Scientific and Research Working Group elaborated this tool to get continuos in...

A flash survey to get closer to you!

We would like to get closer to you, and know you better. This is why we are addressing you a flash survey, conceived and launched by the CETAF Scientific and Research Working Group (SciReG).

But don’t be afraid! 

This is a special kind of survey: first of all, it’s a flash survey, which means it could take less than 3 minutes to be completed. We really value your time and perfectly get how precious it is, so we kept this short and easy.  

The second special feature of this survey is that it won’t have a deadline. Once obtained enough answers for the SciReG purposes, data will be elaborated by our Working Group for drafting future recommendations, but the survey won’t close. It’s conceived as a long-term tool to understand the place and contribution of CETAF and its institutions in the European landscape of research in taxonomy, a sort of permanent dialogue that allows us to understand our community deeper, to have such a comprehensive and reliable view of what is being done in this area. That’s the third special feature: it’s a living survey since you will be encouraged to update the answers in case of any change in your working conditions, skills and knowledge.

The survey clearly distinguishes between the 3 key actions of taxonomy: identification, description and classification. A taxonomist does not necessarily fulfil all these actions in his/her work and it is important to underline this difference to properly assess the strengths and knowledge available, as also the weaknesses where efforts must be made in order to elaborate a strategy. We further aim to assess how taxonomic research and expertise are distributed within CETAF’s institutions in Europe.

Ready to empower CETAF’s community?

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