CETAF Events

CETAF, its Members and the worldwide taxonomic community are active players who organise many events of international relevance, in very wide variety of platforms and formats, including from conferences and lectures, seminars, workshops and training courses.

In addition, and complementing the range of events geared towards specialist scientists and policy makers, natural science, exhibitions of natural history and botany are keystone events that help disseminate science and knowledge of nature among the general public. In fact, exhibitions underline the necessity for the global society to commit and engage with science .

The Events presented here are classified into three different categories:

1. Exhibitions, which focus on current relevant issues, that are of interest and aim to motivate the general audience to get increasingly involved with the scientific process, and act upon its discoveries.

2. Trainings, that comprise all actions under which capacity and expertise are built, including seminars and workshops, among others.

3. Conferences, a generic identifier for all types of public sessions and meetings, on a certain subject, either accessible to an open audience, or restricted to a certain number of registered participants.

A fourth category of events, the General Assembly of CETAF, takes place twice per year and is exclusively restricted to CETAF Members and their staff.

The events below highlight the importance of our scientific work and its connection and synergies with other related fields. Please find below the event of your interest, in chronological order, within the field of taxonomy, systematic biology, and related disciplines.


  • 25th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board

    15th Oct, 2018 to 19th Oct, 2018
    Event type 



    The National Biodiversity Data Centre, on behalf of Ireland, is pleased to host the 25th meeting (GB25) of the GBIF Governing Board and warmly welcomes all delegations to Kilkenny.

    The official Governing Board meeting will take place on 16-17 October 2018.

    GBIF Governance committee meetings will take place on 15 October.

    The National Biodiversity Data Centre also kindly invites participants to a public symposium "Biodiversity loss in a changing world: local data, global action", on 18 October.

    A post-meeting excursion, for which a small charge will apply, will be offered to delegates on Friday 19 October to visit some peatland sites in the Irish Midlands. There will also be an option for those who do not wish to attend, to instead participate in a local heritage tour of Kilkenny City.

    Please see the Programme information page for detailed information on all events.






  • CETAF44 General Assembly

    14th Nov, 2018 to 15th Nov, 2018
    Event type 
    General Assembly


    The CETAF44 General Assembly will be held from 14-15 November 2018.

    Our generous host will be the Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratsilava, Solvakia. Director Anna Bérešová and CETAF chair Michelle Price are inviting CETAF Directors and representatives, and other invited guests, to join the meeting. 

    The invitation and agenda will be circulated to the invited attendants.


    logo Plant Science and Biodiversity CentreLogo CETAF




    Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
    Dúbravská cesta 9
  • Natural History Collections Day - Switzerland

    17th Nov, 2018
    Event type 


    In 2018 the SSS would like to promote the natural history collections held in Switzerland. We are thus organizing an open-door day Saturday 17 Nov 2018 all over Switzerland, in museums, herbariums, universities or any other research institutes that hold natural history collections.

    The event will include visits of the collections, conferences on the role of collections, presentations of scientific specimens, presentations of the latest new species etc. Any public-oriented activity on collections can be proposed!

    The SSS will provide a booklet (in French-German-Italian) explaining the importance of collections, their role in the future and why we still need to collect. 

    Save the date! Check our website  for updates on this project.



  • Open Science Conference 2018

    21st Nov, 2018
    Event type 


    Open Science goes beyond open access to publication, encompassing the sharing of open research data and citizen science on 21 November 2018. It also paves the way to the development of appropriate metrics, incentives and rewards. The Belgian Science Policy Office and the European Commission thus invite you to the Open Science Conference 2018, with back-to-back panels on the Belgian and the European situation. 

    Since Open Science solutions have to be developed in a coherent way both at national and European level, this conference uniquely combines a discussion of the Belgian Open Science policies with debates and presentations relating to a H2020 Policy Support Facility Mutual Learning Exercise on Open Science with a prominent European outlook. Special emphasis is put on researchers working in an Open Science environment, educating, incentivising and rewarding them.  

    You can find the agenda for the day-long conference here.






    Palace of the Academies
    Rue Ducale 1
  • ICT 2018 (Innovate, Connect, Transform)

    04th Dec, 2018 to 06th Dec, 2018
    Event type 


    ICT 2018, the key European ICT research and innovation event organised by the European Commission, will be back next year and hosted in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018.

    The 2018 Austrian Presidency will host the next ICT event at the Austria Centre Vienna in December next year. The ICT events organised since 1998 by the European Commission have become Europe's most visible internationalforums for ICT innovation and a unique gathering of the entire ICT research and innovation community.

    The 2018 edition of this major networking event will have the following main components:

    • conference on digital research and innovation policies,
    • an exhibition of EU-funded research and innovation projects in the field of ICT,
    • a series of networking activities,
    • an innovation and startups village to showcase European entrepreneurship.



    Austria Center Vienna (ACV)
    Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1
  • Preservation of natural history wet collections: feedbacks and future prospects

    05th Dec, 2018 to 07th Dec, 2018
    Event type 


    A meeting on the “Preservation of natural history wet collections: feedbacks and future prospects” will take place in Paris from December 5 through 7, 2018.

    Organized by the French Center on Research for Preservation, under the CNRS, the French natural History Museum and the French Culture Ministry, the meeting will be held in the very heart of Paris, at the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution (French natural History Museum, Jardin des Plantes).

    This meeting intend to gather the various French and Europeans players involved in the preservation of natural history wet collections. Through the sharing of experience, we hope to provide an inventory of preservation issues threatening these valuable collections and to discuss potential solutions that has been tested in different environments.

    We would be glad if you, or your colleagues, could attend the meeting as a listener or through an oral presentation. Registration is free of charge but mandatory, according to availability.  

    The meeting will be held in English and French, with interpreting services available. A brief presentation of the meeting and the call for papers are attached and also available on the website: https://pfc2018.sciencesconf.org/




    Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
    36 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire
  • Biodiversity_next - better Data, better Science, better Policies. Open Digital Science Week on Biological and Geological Diversity

    21st Oct, 2019 to 25th Oct, 2019
    Event type 
    General Assembly





    It is a conference that brings together, for the first time at this scale, major international organisations, research scientists, and policy makers to jointly identify socio-technical bottlenecks and horizon-scan opportunities around data-intensive biodiversity and geodiversity research.

    biodiversity_next aims at:

    • Promoting innovation in biodiversity & geodiversity information science and applications;
    • Sharing and enhancing community data standards and information management practices;
    • Improving domain reach to new audiences (incl. scientific, policy and industry);
    • Inspiring new generations to more enthusiastically embark on data-intensive science around bio- and geo-diversity;
    • Building community consensus on pivotal technical and sociocultural aspects of the community practices.

    Please visit the event website to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated or - if you want to get involved - apply to become a member of the Programme Committee. This committee will be responsible for the overall conference programming, including: (i) overall selection of topics, (ii) plenary and breakout (parallel) sessions planning, (iii) selection of keynote speakers, and (iv) abstracts submission and review processes.

    Registration for the conference will open in the last couple of months in 2018 with the first draft programme to follow shortly after in early 2019. 


    Who Should Attend the Conference?

    Early career and established scientists working in data-intensive disciplines of biological and geological diversity science, e-infrastructures operators, data managers and science policy makers. CETAF and TDWG members are particularly encouraged to attend, as this acts also as their annual meeting.

    What Disciplines Are Covered?

    All data-intensive biodiversity and geodiversity disciplines, including (but not limited to): e-taxonomy, biodiversity and ecological informatics, biodiversity and geodiversity data standards, natural science collections information, citizen science etc

    What Will the General Format of the Conference Be?

    biodiversity_next will follow a plenary & breakout model. Plenary sessions will be action packed with TED-style talks, elevator pitches competitions and lively debates. Breakouts will focus on specific topics and will run in parallel throughout the day. Workshops and training courses will also run before and after the meeting. GBIF, CETAF and DiSSCo will also co-locate their main governance and administrative meetings.



    Naturalis Biodiversity Center
    Pesthuislaan 7
    2333 BA