New CETAF-DEST course out: practices in Palaeoentomology

Go to France for a series of session next autumn...

The training course aims to provide to the trainees all the general practices in the discipline, in order, they become autonomous in Palaeoentomology. Trainees will be exercised in the preparation of fossils (rocks and amber), the acquisitions of images, the integration of fossils in phylogenies, the observation – description, the bibliography research and the writing of a publication


Dates of Implementation

A series of four (4) independent training courses, each one lasting from 7-10 days, with one trainee/training course. All the four training courses will be implemented during the period: autumn-winter 2022 until spring 2023 with the exact dates of each course to be defined the trainer and the trainee 


Registration deadline 

12 September 2022






National Museum of Natural History, Entomology laboratory, 45 rue Buffon, 75005, Paris, FRANCE


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