CEBioS (Belgium) and CETAF initiate collaboration

Both organisations are active within the biodiversity sector and both organisations are hosted within the walls of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS). It was a no-brainer to institute dialogue and exchange of knowledge between these two.

The CEBioS programme carries out capacity building in order that the biodiversity in developing countries is conserved and contributes to poverty eradication and vice versa through the sustainable use and management of its ecosystem services. CETAF is the largest network of taxonomic facilities and natural history institutions in Europe. It provides the scientific community with networking and communication capacities as well as acting as the voice for Taxonomy towards the European institutions and the world at large. Both organisations are of course deeply concerned and busy with the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol within their ranks. CETAF has just finalised a Code of Conduct concerning ABS (Access & Benefit-Sharing). This Code of Conduct and its additional material (Material Transfer Agreement templates and Best Practice guide) will be communicated to CEBioS and integrated into its trainings reserved for african scientists.

Furhtermore, CETAF has already echoed CEBioS’ actions through its website and CEBioS has promised to reciprocate. CEBioS and CETAF will now keep contact, and meet at least once a year. CETAF and CEBioS will share useful information about communication and about e-learning. CETAF has been cordially invited to the next CEBioS event on 26th of November, about ‘biodiversity and sustainable development’.


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