5 recommended books related to taxonomy for the summer

Summer has always been the perfect time for reading. Here are in no particular order 5 books that CETAF recommends:


 Where Do Camels Belong by Ken Thompson

What is a native species? Camels, which most people associate with the Middel-East, can actually be considered an invasive species. In this book, Thompson explores the concepts of native and invasive and tries to demystifie the very concept of invasion.

Le Secret de l’Archéobélodon by Mille, Michard & Tassy

A book for those who read French. Edited by the French National History Museum, this book, full of illustrations and photos, retraces 200 years of study around 1 specimen: the archaeobelodon , an ancestor of the elephant. And it all started with a simple tooth…



What on Earth? 100 of our Planet’s Most Amazing Species by Quentin Wheeler

A compendium of the 100 “coolest, weirdest and most intriguing” new species of this century. from animals to plants, fossils and bacteria, an accessible and informative look at diversity in Nature.


Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile by Gardner, Hechenleitner & Hepp

81 unique commissioned water colour paintings to provide a visual account the stunning but greatly endangered botanical treasures of Chile. Edited by the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh.



Animalium (Welcome to the Museum) by Broom & Scott

A gorgeously illustrated children book featuring more than 160 animal specimens. The first in a series of printed museum-books. Each chapter features a different branch of the tree of life, from the simple sponge to the enormous elephant.

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