Research framework

Taxonomic research is at the heart of CETAF: over 5000 dedicated scientists from its 61 institutions study and document the natural world based on natural history collections.

Taxonomy is fundamental to the understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. It explores and documents the natural world at different taxonomic levels (species, genera, families, orders), and allows researchers to understand evolutionary events and reconstruct the history of life on earth. Taxonomic understanding provides the taxonomic infrastructure that is essential for most other fields of biodiversity based science.

Researchers in CETAF member institutions run projects that cover a wide scope of topics ranging from mycology, botany, or zoology, to planetary sciences and the interactions between people and the environment. There are research teams that concentrate on systematics and nomenclature or evolutionary biology whereas others investigate the roles of species within ecosystems, and how they are affected by land-use change or climate change.

Taxonomic research is fundamental to the understanding of species and this knowledge forms the foundation for a variety of disciplines that range from forestry and fisheries, to industries such as eco-tourism and pharmaceutics. It also contributes to environmental education, to understanding the impacts of climate change on living organisms, and to the alleviation of poverty, amongst many other societal challenges. Taxonomic research is at the root of the knowledge that is needed to help build a green economy.

Here you will be able to browse our member institutions by their research fields (please note that the work of uploading the content of all of our member institutions is in progress). You can also have a look at our ongoing Initiatives and Projects, or visit their Laboratories to find out which tools they use to carry out their research.

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