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    General Description

    Evolutionary studies on selected taxa

    • specially the genus Onosma

    Research Page: Department of Botany

    Diversity and taxonomy

    • genus Thymus, Hypericum, ...

    Research Page: Department of Botany

    Reproduction biology

    especially asexual and sexual reproduction in Taraxacum

    Plant secondary metabolites with pharmaceutical utilization


    Mechanisms of toleration on heavy metals in Lichen and medicinal plants

    Abiotic stress of plants

    Synanthropic plant communities

    Living and herbarium collections (KO)

    Annual Reports


    Research Fields

    • Vascular plants: Lamiaceae, Boraginaceae, Hypericaceae

    Research Initiative

    On-line outreach activitie : : []
    other outreach activitie : : [['BOTANIKIADA for students in primary and secondary schools']]
    Non academic trainings : : []
    Academic trainings : : [['Department of Botany and Botanical Garden is a parts of University\nOn the Bachelor’s study programmes of Biology and Ecology, teachers of the Department participate on teaching of compulsory subjects:General Botany, Botany I (Systematic of ower plants), Botany II (Systematic of higher plants), Plant Physiology and management of theses.\nThe Department guarantees Master study program of Botany and Plant Physiology, in which teachers of the Department teach compulsory subjects: Plant Taxonomy, Plant Metabolism, Physiology of Plant Growth and Development, Evolutionary Biology and Plant Ecology. Compulsory elective courses and elective courses in this and other study programs are Phytogeography, Mineral Nutrition and Pedology, Plant Embryology, Plant Stress Physiology, Biology of Plant Symbioses, Healing Plants, Seminar from Plant Physiology and Seminar from Botany.\nIn the doctoral study program of Plant Physiology, there are disciplines: Selected Topics of Plant Physiology, Plant Ecophysiology, Reproductive Plant Biology and Plant Secondary Metabolism.']]
    General description : : []


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