Natural History Museum of Crete


Original name(s)

Institution Address

Sofokli Venizelou Avenue
71409  Heraklion
GR - Greece

Type of organisation

Institution Address

Sofokli Venizelou Avenue
71409 Heraklion
GR - Greece

Museum (State)

Director Representative

Prof.M. Mylonas


+30 2810324366

Structure Chart

Governing & Executive bodies

The Museum is directed by Prof. Mylonas who is a Biology professor in the University of Crete and a five member Committee consisting of the heads of its divisions and senior staff.

Staff fields

scientific staff collections non permanent: 2.0.scientific staff collections permanent: 6.0.scientific staff post doc non permanent: 3.0.staff administrative non permanent: 5.0.staff administrative permanent: 3.0.staff collection managers technicians non permanent: 1.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 2.0.staff exhibitions non permanent: 10.0.staff exhibitions permanent: 2.0

Membership fields

Full member

General Description

The Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) was established in 1980 within the frames of the faculty of Science of the University of Crete (UoC). At present, four departments are fully operational: The Zoological, the Botanical, the Mineralogical and the Geological combined with the Paleontological department. It is the only Natural History Museum in Greece, dealing with all aspects of natural environment and occupies a significant number of specialists in biological and geological diversity. In December 2012, NHMC was awarded by the Greek National Academy of Sciencesfor its activity on education, research and publishing. In NHMC permanent Exhibition Halls, of 3500 m2, in the city of Heraklion, Crete, the natural environment of the eastern Mediterranean area with special emphasis on Greece and Crete, is displayed. NHMC’s research program is focused mainly on: Development of complete geological, mineralogical, paleontological, botanical and zoological collections primarily focused in the Eastern Mediterranean area. Basic and applied research on biological and geological diversity and endemic, rare or threatened forms of life, as well as issues of protection and conservation of the natural environment, NHMC has expanded its scientific research beyond the Greek territory, to countries all over the eastern Mediterranean basin with main objective to create and coordinate a network of cooperating institutions of this region. Management and conservation of the natural environment heritage (species, habitats, landscapes and related functions) Scientific consultancy to several public bodies such as the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the Decentralized Administration of Crete. NHMC is also the scientific advisor of UNESCO concerning the European and Global nominated Cretan Geopark “Psiloritis Geopark”.

Research Fields

  • Mammals, reptiles and amphibians of the eastern Mediterranean area
  • Conservation of islands
  • Biodiversity - biology - ecology - conservation of beetles of Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean area
  • Biodiversity - biology - ecology - conservation - biogeography of terrestrial molluscs
  • Taxonomy of Chilopoda of the Eastern Mediterranean and the European region
  • Biodiversity - Ecology - Biology and Conservation of bats
  • Taxonomy - Ecology and Phylogeography of scorpions of the Mediterranean area
  • Ecology of aquatic invertebrates (all groups) of the eastern Mediterranean area
  • Cretan and eastern Mediterranean flora
  • Molecular taxonomy
  • Distribution – Ecology – Conservation of birds of the eastern Mediterranean area
  • Management of wetlands of the eastern Mediterranean area
  • Structural Geology, Geomorphology, Geodiversity, Geoconservation
  • Hydrogeology
  • Terrestrial vertebrate and marine invertebrate palaeontology

Research Initiative

On-line outreach activitie : : []
other outreach activitie : : ['NHMC has adopted an integrated Learning Strategy Plan for the active diffusion of the knowledge accumulated, to all sectors of the society including Formal, Informal and Non formal Education, Life Long Learning, and Public Environmental Awareness activities focusing to engage new audiences. NHMC’s permanent Exhibition Halls also host the NHMC Centre for Environmental Training (NHMC-CET). In the Exhibition Halls and the NHMC-CET, several educational activities are carried out under a regular basis addressed both to children as well as to adults.\nWorkshops, seminars, conferences, presentations and discussions, temporary exhibitions and happenings, all addressed and open to public. During 2012, 45.000 students of primary and secondary education visited NHMC and followed 12 different hourly workshops. Weekly summer schools are also organized during summer time. The Club ‘Friends of NHMC’ is also activated within NHMC. Members of the Club, mainly families, take part in several indoor and outdoor activities.']
Non academic trainings : : ['Yes, in the frames of funded projects of Educational Research']
Academic trainings : : ['NHMC is a University Museum belonging to the University of Crete (UoC). For this reason NHMC is closely connected with all the educational activities of UoC such as teaching and supervision of PhDs and Master Degrees. Since 1993 to 2011, 18 PhDs & 32 Master Degrees have been supervised by NHMC scientific staff.']
General description : : ['NHMC is actively involved in funded projects with training activities. During 2012, in NHMC Centre for Environmental Training (NHMC-CET), approximately 2000 teachers were trained on Environmental and Pedagogical issues.\nSuch recent projects are:\n\nNATURAL EUROPE: CIP-ICT-PSP-DILI 250579\nRACCE: 070401/2010/579066/SUB/C4\nPATCH: 135285-LLP-1-2007-1-IT-KA3-KA3MP\nYOURVID: 504331-LLP-1-2009-1-ES-COMENIUS-CMP\nEUCLIDES: 134246-LLP-1-2007-IT-COMENIUS-CMP\nCONFRESH: 226682 - CP - 1 - 2005 - 1 – GR –\nCOMENIUS - C21\nCONSERVATION ACTIONS FOR GYPAETUS BARBATUS AND THE BIODIVERSITY IN CRETE: LIFE02/NAT/GR/8492,\nMEDITERRANEAN RESERVOIRS AND WETLANDS. A DEMONSTRATION OF MULTIPLE - OBJECTIVE MANAGEMENT IN THE ISLAND OF CRETE: LIFE00 ENV/GR/000685']


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