State Natural History Museum Braunschweig


Original name(s)

  • (de - German)
Institution Address

Pockelsstraße 10
38106  Braunschweig
DE - Germany

Type of organisation

Institution Address

Pockelsstraße 10
38106 Braunschweig
DE - Germany

Museum (State)

Director Representative

Prof. Dr.Ulrich Joger



Structure Chart

Governing & Executive bodies

Board of directors Director, Heads of Departments

Staff fields

scientific staff collections permanent: 6.0.scientific staff non permanent: 3.0.scientific staff permanent: 4.0.scientific staff post doc non permanent: 3.0.staff administrative non permanent: 3.0.staff administrative permanent: 3.0.staff collection managers technicians non permanent: 1.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 8.0.staff exhibitions non permanent: 1.0.staff exhibitions permanent: 5.0;staff total: 48.0;staff year of reference: 2017

Membership fields

Full member

General Description

Vertebrate Palaeontology (excavations in Europe and Africa)

Research page

Phylogeny and taxonomy of snakes (Europe, Africa, Middle East)

Ancient DNA (Mammoth and other extinct animals)

Research Fields

  • Fossil and recent Reptiles

Research Initiative

On-line outreach activitie : : []
other outreach activitie : : ['Extensive programmes for all ages by the educational department of the museum.']
Non academic trainings : : []
Academic trainings : : ['Yes, teaching biology at Braunschweig University']
General description : : []


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