Institute of Geology, Tallin University of Technology


Original name(s)
    Institution Address

    Ehitajate tee 5
    19086  Tallinn
    EE - Estonia

    Type of organisation

    Institution Address

    Ehitajate tee 5
    19086 Tallinn
    EE - Estonia

    University (Public)

    Director Representative

    Dr.Atko Heinsalu


    +372 59123761

    Structure Chart

    Staff fields

    scientific staff collections permanent: 15.0.scientific staff permanent: 37.0.staff administrative permanent: 11.0.staff collection managers technicians non permanent: 2.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 4.0;staff total: 54.0;staff year of reference: 2019

    Membership fields

    Full member

    General Description

    • Historical geology and paleontology Research page
    • Litosphere processes and geodynamics
    • Hydrogeology and paleoclimatology
    • Quaternary geology and paleolimnology


    Research Fields

    • conodonts
    • chitinozoans
    • scolecodonts
    • brachiopods
    • echinoderms
    • trace fossils
    • graptolites
    • trilobites
    • corals
    • fish

    Research Initiative

    On-line outreach activitie : : []
    other outreach activitie : : []
    Non academic trainings : : ['Educational programmes for schoolchildren, teachers etc, especially in the field-station ( and']
    Academic trainings : : [['Curriculum of Earth Sciences and geotechnology (together with partner departments in the university)']]
    General description : : []


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