Natural History Museum - University of Oslo

Original name(s)

  • Naturhistorisk museum (no - Norwegian)
Institution Address

Sars’ gate 1
0562 Oslo

Topics of interests

  • Systematic research
  • DNA-barcoding
  • Digitization and databasing of Collections

Main areas of taxonomic expertise

  • Vascular plants
  • Fungi
  • Lichens
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Insects (Coleoptera, Lepidoptera,Hymenoptera, Diptera)
  • Helminths
  • Minerals
  • Vertebrate paleontology
  • Invertebrate paleontology

Type of organisation

Institution Address

Sars’ gate 1
0562 Oslo

Director Representative

Hugo de Boer


Structure Chart

Governing & Executive bodies

Organization and staff:

  • The Museum Board
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Department of Research and Collections
  • Botanical Garden
  • Department of Exhibitions and Public Services
  • Department of Technical and Scientific Conservation




Staff fields

staff_year of reference2018
staff total163.0
scientific staff (permanent)37.0
scientific staff (non permanent)26.0
scientific staff post doc (non permanent)20.0
scientific staff collections (permanent)33.0
scientific staff collections (non permanent)6.0
staff collection managers technicians (permanent)36.0
staff collection managers technicians (non permanent)32.0
staff administrative (permanent)15.0
staff administrative (non permanent)2.0
staff exhibitions (permanent)8.0
staff exhibitions (non permanent)8.0

General Description

  • Biosystematics and taxonomy
  • Systematic mineralogy
  • Ecological prediction modelling
  • Freshwater ecology
  • Invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology
  • Speciation and evolution


Link of the Research page : Research page

Link of the Annual report :

Research Fields

  • Anthropology / Physical anthropology (46.20.00)

Research Initiative

Activities and outreach with Universities

Yes, within the relevant programmes of The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: and


Activities and outreach with other public

Yes, the INQUIRE project: INQUIRE is helping to reinvigorate inquiry-based science education throughout Europe. Run by botanic gardens in 11 countries, INQUIRE teacher training courses are demonstrating how IBSE can inspire students in science and help address biodiversity and climate change. The INQUIRE project ended in November 2013. 



Cecilie E. Webb
+ 47 22851650

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