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    • Natural products and molecules for life sciences: We are more particularly interested in lichen- or sea-sourced compounds. Extraction, structural elucidation, pharmacomodulation are the basis of the theme. Metabolites, carbohydrates, lipids enzymes are more especially studied for their potential applications in anti-cancer therapies, in fighting parasitic diseases, in acting on central nervous system.
    • Ecosystems, biodiversity, evolution : Landscape ecology, Biological Invasion, Phytoremediation, Wetlands and bogs ,Water quality, eutrophication, cyanobacteria, French Southern Territories, Arid environments, Fauna and flora of the coast, Agri-environmental assessments, Ecosystem services, Biodiversity conservation and habitat management
    • Biodiversity: Interactions, Preservation, Evolution : The lines of research of the "BIPE" team (Geosciences Rennes) are, on the one hand, the evolution and paleobiology of organisms (plants, first metazoans, arthropods, vertebrates) and, on the other hand, the reconstitution of ancient ecosystems (marine to continental environments, lagerstätten and exceptional preservation), via systematic, phylogenetic, ecomorphological and taphonomic approaches.

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    • Natural products and molecules for life sciences
    • Ecosystems, biodiversity, evolution
    • Biodiversity: Interactions, Preservation, Evolution

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