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    • Systematic and floristic research in vascular plants: Researchers belonging to this group conduct taxonomic and systematic studies on families and genera of vascular plants, contributing to geographical flora or taxonomical monographic studies, mainly of the
    • Colonizacion y evolucion en islas oceanicas: The research group has been studying dispersal patterns of mosses and angiosperms over the last decade. In the current research period, the group is devoted to reconstruction of colonization processes and further evolution of species on oceanic islands based on floristic, taxonomic, chorological, phylogeographic, phylogenetic and population genetic analyses. A three-scale approach is proposed to be undertaken for the inference of the colonization history of plants in any oceanic archipelagos. We hypothesize that plant colonists that meet dispersal syndromes, regular dispersal mechanisms and suitable habitats are more likely to have succeeded in intra-island (short-distance dispersal, SDD), inter-island (medium-distance dispersal, MDD) and mainland-archipelago (long-distance dispersal, LDD) colonizations.
    • Plant Evolutionary biology: patterns, processes and mechanisms (PEBG): Our research is focused on the study of the origin of plant diversity, integrating molecular, morphological and functional data using different approaches, including phylogenetic, biogeographic/phylogeographic and population, as well as niche modeling and evo-devo.

    Research Fields

    • Systematic and floristic research in vascular plants
    • Colonizacion y evolucion en islas oceanicas
    • Plant Evolutionary biology: patterns, processes and mechanisms (PEBG)

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