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    • Biodiversity of benthic and demersal ecosystems: Marine Crustacean Collection (CRUST-IEOCD) is possible due to an specialist team in decapod crustaceans whose have been working in african waters during years. The work of the specialists team is performed into the framework of differents projects carried out in african waters, Atlantic and Indian Ocean (Colectax, CCLME or Ecoafrik projects), or in European waters, Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea (The Spanish Marine Strategy).
    • Benthic invertebrates in Marine Ecosystem Vulnerables and in Marine Protected Areas: Collection of benthic invertebrates that comes from different projects led by the IEO: BENTART (Antarctic Peninsula, Scotia Arc and Bellingshausen Sea)-Porifera; ECOMARG (Biscay Bay)- Porifera and crustacean; ATLANTIS (Patagonian international waters)-Porifera and cnidarian; MAINBAZA (Mozambique Channel) - Porifera)

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    • Biodiversity of benthic and demersal ecosystems
    • Benthic invertebrates in Marine Ecosystem Vulnerables and in Marine Protected Areas
    • Biodiversity inventory

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    Manager : Isabel Muñoz

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    The Marine Crustacean Collection (CRUST-IEOCD), in turn made up of two sub-collections: 1) Collection of Decapod and Stomatopod Crustaceans (CCDE-IEOCD) and 2) Collection of Other Crustaceans (OCRUST-IEOCD). The CCDE-IEOCD sub-collection arose from the need to identify specimens of crustaceans from campaigns carried out by the IEO in African waters. Since 2005 specimens began to be collected, with 2011 being the year in which an exhaustive taxonomic review was carried out, from which the collection was officially created. It currently has 5,570 specimens cataloged and made available to Gbif. These are mostly specimens from trawling surveys carried out by the IEO in African waters off Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia and Mozambique, other surveys carried out in Spanish waters of the Gulf of Cadiz or Cantabrian Sea, or in the Bank of Porcupine (Ireland). It also houses specimens from the 1950s, donated by the Andalusian Institute of Marine Sciences (ICMAN-CSIC). The OCRUST-IEOCD sub-collection is a recently created collection, with the aim of expanding the COCAD collection to other crustaceans, such as Amphipods, Isopods, Tanaidaceans, etc. Data from this collection has not yet been made available in Gbif. In addition, it is intended to have a molecular database (DNA barcode) of all the species deposited in the CRUST-IEOCD, as well as the storage of all the voucher specimens used for the codifications.

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    Marine Crustacean Collection that hosted specimens from African and European waters.

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