Genetic respositories

Genetic repositories

CETAF members hold major genetic repositories in the form of gene and seed banks.

Gene Banks are biorepositories in which genetic material (biological samples, seeds, tissues, sperm, eggs) is preserved and utilised for determining the nature, structure or development of cells, proteins, membranes and structures of the world’s species. Such facilities aim to preserve the genetic material inherent to species, and carry out research to understand the processes by which species can be preserved and eventually recovered using such material.

Since plants, in particular, sustain life on earth, their potential role in creating a liveable future in our changing climate is extremely important. Special attention is given to preserve their genetic material, in the form of seeds, in Seed Banks. This is done by preserving seeds in very specific temperature and humidity conditions to maintain their dormancy.

Some Members also maintain other kinds of genetic repositories that include molecular and tissue samples as well as germinated seeds in Germ Banks. Below you can search for the CETAF members that hold genetic repositories.  

Search CETAF members’ genetic repositories

Browse our member institutions by their Genetic Repositories, i.e. seed and DNA banks, as well as their record for exchanging samples.

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