Spider taxonomy and field methodologies

 When: Online sessions: 24/2/2023, 10/3/2023, 24/3/2023
Face to face field-lab work and lectures: 3-7/4/2023

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Practices in Palaeoentomology

  When: A series of four (4) independent training courses in the period       autumn-winter 2022 until spring 2023

 Registration has closed on 12th of September 2022

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Collection methods and identification of
parasitic wasps, with special emphasis on
Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera)

  When: 19th-23 September 2022
  Registration has closed on 12th August 2022

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Crustacean with specialisation in Cyclopidae (Copepoda)

  When: Period between 3rd of October and 16th of December 2022
   Registration has closed on 29th of August 2022

Check the quick info sheet here: Copepoda

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Basics of Taxonomy 2022

  When: 3rd-14th of October 2022
   Registration has closed on 29th of August 2022

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