Practices in Palaeoentomology


The aim of this training course is to provide to the trainees all the general practices in the discipline, in order, they become autonomous in Palaeoentomology. Trainees will be exercised in the preparation of fossils (rocks and amber), the acquisitions of images, the integration of fossils in phylogenies, the observation – description, the bibliography research and the writing of a publication


Prof Nel André, specialist on fossil insects, ca. 900 publications between 1983 and 2022,, Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité, a joint research center (UMR 7205) of CNRS, in the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, FRANCE

Dates of Training period

The announcement concerns a series of four (4) independent training courses, each one lasting from 7-10 days, with one trainee/training course. All the four training courses will be implemented during the period: autumn-winter 2022 until spring 2023, with the exact dates of each course to be defined by the trainer and the trainee


7 – 10 working days/course


National Museum of Natural History, Entomology laboratory, 45 rue Buffon, 75005, Paris, FRANCE

Course’s language


Target audience

Undergraduate, Graduate, MSc & PhD students


There is no fee

Registration deadline

12 September 2022

Mode of trainees’ assessment

Project – study of fossils – preparation of publication

Participant quota (min and max number of trainees)

One (1) trainee/training course. In total four (4) trainees for the four (4) training courses

External funding/sponsoring


Types of training/ Implementation method

  1. Lab work/Face to Face
  2. Field work/Face to Face (possibly, to be organized)

Depending on the Covid situation, the course can be done in half part online

Training Course learning outcomes

  1. Learning of preparation of fossils (rocks and amber)
  2. Learning of acquisitions of images
  3. Learning of bibliography research
  4. Learning of observation – description
  5. Learning of integration of fossils in phylogenies
  6. Writing of a publication

Certifications provided

  1. Certificate of Attendance by CETAF DEST with ECVET Units (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training)
  2. Certificate by CETAF DEST according to Europass Certificate Supplement (certifying analytically the knowledge, skills and competences gained)

What trainees need to bring



Registration has closed on 12th of September 2022

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