UNEP-GRID Science, business and environment: GEO-6 Assessment for the pan-European region

15th Sep, 2016
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This GRID-Warsaw Conference in Warsaw, which is held in the light of its 25th Anniversary, is being organised together with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The main theme revolves around the state, changes and threats (hot issues) for the pan-European continent, as has been mentioned in the latest UNEP report from June 2016, which was published as part of the Global Environment Outlook framework presented to the Environment Ministers conference on June 8, 2016 in Batumi, Georgia.

The conference in Warsaw is providing the first opportunity to bring the message to the broader community to get a discussion going among various experts from different backgrounds. A number of topics will be discussed at a special panel session which will be relevant to the taxonomy and biodiversity community, such as related to collecting, sharing, and utilising data and geoinformation tools for environmental investigations and biodiversity assessments.

Subsequently, a plenary opening session Environmental changes in the pan-European region will also discuss current trends and challenges, with the help of environmental data from science, business and administration.

For further information about the event: agenda, invited panelists, descriptions of sessions, registration form etc. please visit here.

Centrum Zarządzania Innowacjami i Transferem Technologii Politechniki Warszawskiej
4 Rektorska Street