Teaching in a 21st Century School

05th Feb, 2018 to 10th Feb, 2018
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The course has been designed to provide tools to prepare European teachers for a future that happens today. The topics and training activities take into account the Key Competences for 21st Century Students. The trainers are enthusiastic educational agents, namely teachers with a broad experience and actively involved in 21st Century Skills.


Course Objectives:

  • Promote the debate about Key Competences for 21st Century Citizens;
  • Experiment and develop new learning practices and teaching methods;
  • Promote educational innovation and stimulating the use of ICT in schools;
  • Promoting interdisciplinary through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics);
  • Develop methodologies, strategies, techniques and resources for a differentiated teaching;
  • Create spin-off effects like curriculum development and research collaboration;
  • Improve educational practices through collaborative working approaches among teachers;
  • Promote a deeper understanding of the practical ways of incorporating eTwinning in teaching;
  • Improve the quality and efficacy of the management of international projects;
  • Increase knowledge of social, linguistic and cultural matters.


How to apply for the course? Contact 21st Knowledge by email: info@21knowledge.pt or by landline phone +351 232 407135


Francisco Franco Secondary School
Rua João De Deus, 9
Funchal, Ilha Da Madeira