Taxonomy Publications

In this section you will be able to explore the publications produced by CETAF and by CETAF members, including journals, floras and scientific articles or educational material and policy oriented papers.

A list of publishing platforms that are related to taxonomy as well as organisations that publish within CETAF's field of interest is also provided below

CETAF Publications

CETAF is an organisation with a European and International outlook. It focuses on the dissemination of infomation on natural history collections and scientific research and, via its members, on the promotion of taxonomy, systematics and collections based research via scientific publishing.  CETAF supports the European Journal of Taxonomy, its flagship scientific, open-access journal. CETAF also focuses on publishing Policy and Position Papers that investigate the role of Natural History Collections and associated research in shaping and contributing to today's society.

European Journal of Taxonomy

EJT is a scientific journal focusing on descriptive taxonomy. It encompasses the fields of zoology, entomology, botany and palaeontology, and is of global scope, both in terms of its authorship and its geographical coverage.

EJT is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed, and fully electronic journal. Its articles are original and adhere to high scientific and technical standards.

EJT was established within the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) and was integrated into CETAF in 2011. The journal is currently run by 6 CETAF member institutions from Belgium, Denmark, France and the UK.


CETAF Policy and Position Papers

CETAF Policy and Position Papers aim at bridging the gap between scientific research, scientific policy and societal challenges.


Community Publications

CETAF members produce or edit a range of documents, papers and articles. Below, you can find their latest Scientific Publications, and documents relating to Public Outreach and Education.

You can look for further documentation on our members individual websites, in English or in the National language(s) of the country concerned.

Scientific Journals and other publications

The CETAF community is very diverse, and its members produce an array of scientific publications (journals, floras, scientific articles).


Public Outreach  and Education

CETAF members transmit their knowledge to the general public, especially children and students. Topics covered range from current environmental and climate change issues, to the processes of evolution, or ecosystem and species management.



Publishing platforms

Please find a list of platforms that either publishing scientific articles related to CETAF’s interests or are involved in disseminating information on scientific articles.