Systematics Association Biennial 2015

26th Aug, 2015 to 28th Aug, 2015
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Symposium - Seminar
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Friday, 26 June, 2015

Systematics, the science that underpins biology

This three-day meeting of the Systematics Association will be held at the University of Oxford and comprises four thematic sessions and contributed papers:

Symposium 1 (26 August): The value of long term monitoring plots for plant systematics and ecology in the tropics
Toby Pennington, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Tim Baker, University of Leeds

Symposium 2 (28 August): Comparative approaches to the origin of biodiversity
Colin Hughes (principal), Institute of Systematic Botany, Zurich
Matt Friedman, University of Oxford

Symposium 3 (28 August): Accelerating the pace of taxonomy
Robert Scotland, University of Oxford,
Quentin Wheeler, New York

Symposium 4 (27 August): Rooted in deep time: Palaeontological contributions to systematics
Roger Benson, University of Oxford
Matt Friedman, University of Oxford
Paul Smith, Director, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

The conference is held at The University of Oxford Museum of Natural History and accommodation and the conference dinner will be held at Christchurch College.

Full details and link to registrations can be found on the conference website.



University of Oxford Museum of Natural History
United Kingdom