Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum is a museum displaying works of archaeology, anthropology and natural history and is owned by the University of Manchester, in England. Sited on Oxford Road at the heart of the university's group of neo-Gothic buildings, it provides access to about 4.5 million items from every continent.

National Geological Repository


The National Geological Repository (NGR) is a UKRI national science facility and the largest collection of geoscience samples from the UK. ... The NGR has the UK's largest core storage and examination facility. Its centrepiece is the Core Store and records collections, including: borehole cores and samples.

NHM Wales


National Museum Cardiff is a museum and art gallery in Cardiff, Wales. The museum is part of the wider network of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.

NHM Oxford University


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, sometimes known simply as the Oxford University Museum or OUMNH, is a museum displaying many of the University of Oxford's natural history specimens, located on Parks Road in Oxford, England.