Save the date:E-SCoRE CETAF Award first Edition's winner will be announced on 22 May 2020!

Monday, 27 April, 2020
E-SCoRE_CETAF Award2020

Back to December 2019, CETAF launched an initiative to reward and support early-career researchers whose work focuses on natural science collections within the fields of taxonomy, biodiversity and geodiversity science. 


The prize E-SCoRE stands for     Excellence in





As repeatedly highlighted in many different articles and papers, “Natural history collections are demonstrably important - not just for education and cultural reasons, but for wider environmental reasons too. If we want to maintain our biodiversity and understand changes in our environment, we need to sustain our natural history collections. Nothing will ever replace the taxonomic knowledge and training that museums provide; funding in this area should become a national priority. Otherwise, knowledge of this planet's biodiversity, and of all the potential benefits therein, will be lost.” 

Much more than an award, a reminder that nature evidences must be central to all our lives


E-SCore CETAF Award voices out the importance of taxonomy and natural science collections and the key role researchers in those fields play in providing science and society the significant knowledge and expertise that sets the groundwork for policy changes in addressing societal challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and health crises as is the current COVID-19 pandemic.   


By rewarding young European researchers, it contributes to research career development and research mobility and partnerships across Europe: young scientists and nature-based researchInstitutions constitute a driving force to building sustainable societies.

Initiated by an active community to benefit science and society


The E-SCoRe CETAF Award represents natural science collections hosted, preserved and curated in the 63 museums, botanic gardens and institutes across Europe that form the CETAF community. 


The CETAF consortium constitutes a unique infrastructure and research network based on natural science collections. The collections held by the CETAF members facilitate fundamental geodiversity and biodiversity research, particularly in taxonomy and systematics, that enables ground-breaking discoveries across broad fields of science. The CETAF community jointly holds 1.5 billion specimens that represent about 80% of the world’s described species. These institutions and their researchers are custodians of this irreplaceable natural heritage that serves scientific and social progress.

Mark your calendars: 22 May 2020 - from 15:00 to 15:30


The E-ScoRE first edition will be awarded on the International Day for Biological Diversity; a renowned moment that will closely tight-up biological and geological diversity with the winner of the CETAF award. 

Due to the specific global context of social distancing, the CETAF community will announce the winner online, with a presentation of the winner's work and the opportunity to highlight the binomia made between research on taxonomy and innovation, fundamental science and progress, and lastly, natural science collections and societal challenges.

Learn more about E-SCoRE CETAF Award here.

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