Thursday, 12 October, 2017


For about two years the CETAF European Initiatives Advisory Group has been developing an innovative framework for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for CETAF members to implement in their everyday activities. Following its adoption by all members of CETAF at the CETAF41 General Assembly in Bonn, Germany on 26April 2017, the CETAF RRI Framework has been produced as a document that is now available on the CETAF website.

The framework serves as a way to align scientific innovation with the needs of society in order meet the urgent challenges that face us at the global level today. The European research landscape requires a broad set of actors, ranging from researchers to citizens, policy-makers and businesses to come together with the incentive to generate solutions that are integrative, inclusive and sustainable. Through a five-dimensional approach, set up by the EU Horizon 2020 objective of “Science with and for Society”, the new CETAF Framework for RRI can now engage natural science institutions to be at the forefront of implementing this across the community of collections-based research scientists. The five dimensions or domains - open science, science education, public engagement, gender and ethics - are guided in each instance by five principles that apply to the context of these natural history collections-based research institutions and their scientists, as to improve their relevance in the process of implementation.