Revised checklist of aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera of Hungary

Monday, 4 May, 2015

Scientists from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Eszterházy Károly College, the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Szent István University have finalised a new inventory of water bugs in Hungary.

Together, they have published an open access article entitled: " Revised and annotated checklist of aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera of Hungary with comments on biodiversity patterns".

The resulting, updated and annotated, checklist of Heteroptera in Hungary contains 58 species in 21 genera and 12 families. The estimated species number of 58 is equal to the actual number of species known from the country.

Overall, 36.7% of the European water bug species were found in Hungary. The differences in faunal composition between Hungary and its surrounding countries were caused by the rare or unique species, whereas 33 species are common in the faunas of the eight countries.

The authors explain: " A basic knowledge of regional faunas is necessary to follow the changes in macroinvertebrate communities caused by environmental influences and climatic trends in the future. We collected all the available data on water bugs in Hungary using an inventory method, a UTM grid based database was built, and Jackknife richness estimates and species accumulation curves were calculated. Fauna compositions were compared among Central-European states. Species compositions were observed in the countries along the same latitude. The species list and the UTM-based database are now up-to-date for Hungary, and it will provide a basis for future studies of distributional and biodiversity patterns, biogeography, relative abundance and frequency of occurrences important in community
ecology, or the determination of conservation status."


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