NORe, the Museum Association of the North & Baltic Sea Regions of Germany, celebrates its 5th anniversary

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015
NORe consortium celebrates 5th anniversary

The Nore association regroups a small dozen of institutions and natural history collections from the North and Baltic Sea regions of Germany. Its mission is to promote and facilitate research and scientific results, including collecting activities. The association provides help to its members under the form of contacts & advices, coordination of joint funding applications and designing cross training programmes.

The NORe consortium is proud to celebrate its 5th anniversary and look back on numerous successful undertakings. During this period we’ve contributed to major joint projects such as the Volkswagen Foundation on Palaearctic beetles. We’ve also collaborated to the organisation of deep sea expeditions and held several seminars and public presentations on many natural history topics” told us Dr. Angelika Brandt, Chair of the association. “ NORe also looks forward to the future with the developing of new projects related to our collections and the fauna of the North and Baltic Seas.

To extand its reach outside of Germany, NORe became a member of CETAF, the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities.


 NORe map of institutions