New Species Focus - July 2015

Thursday, 9 July, 2015
Patrick Grootaert New Fly Species

At the very heart of taxonomy lies the discovery of new species, their naming and description. Because of the ongoing biodiversity loss our planet is experiencing, we are probably losing more unknown species everyday than we can discover. This is why taxonomy matters! 

Every month CETAF will gather here all the news of newly discovered species:


Diplopods West IndiesWe start with a new genus and 2 new species of parasitic diplopods from the West Indies:



 A new strain of amphibian fungus, chytrid fungus, which can infect and kill a wide range of newts and salamanders. I was found in the UK, in captive populations:


Then, we have two new lichen found in the US. Quite remarquably these lichen were found relatively close to an urban area:


Beetle OromiaA new species of beetle, baptised Oromia thoracica, was discovered in the subsoil of Gran Canaria (Spain - Canary Islands). This blind weevil shares the same brownish-grey color as the subsoil fauna and has a flattened body and thorax almost covering its head, an adaptation to life underground:




PG New Fly Species -1PG New Fly Species -2PG New Fly Species -3

5 new species of flies described by Patrick Grootaert from RBINS in 3 different scientific articles:


3 new spider species with abdominal glands found on the ground of mountainous forests in Tanzania and Kenya:


and to close this second edition of New Species Focus, not a new species in the strictest sense, but a massive revision of Elachista dispilella, moths found in several European countries:


Elachista dispilella



We'll be back next month!