National Geographic organises The Great Nature Project

Friday, 17 April, 2015
National Geographic - Great Nature Project

The Great Nature Project is one of the largest initiatives National Geographic has ever created. So large in scope actually that they need the help of every nature enthousiast out there.

The aim is to create a global snapshot to document biodiversity accross the globe during a specific window of time, repeated annually. Over time, this will provide data that will be usable to answer scientific questions or provide useful information to decision makers. To record observations in a standardized way and allow other users to comment on and suggest species identifications for observations, the Great Nature Project website has been integrated with Participants can also contribute to the global snapshot using the mobile app .

"The Great Nature Project is a worldwide celebration of our planet’s natural wonders and a huge scientific undertaking to document the Earth’s incredible biodiversity. People of all ages, from all corners of the world, are invited to help National Geographic contribute to our understanding of the diverse life on our planet." explains National Geographic.

The Great Nature Project takes place between May 15 and May 25 More info


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