How ready are we in case of a natural or anthropic disaster? Call for Earth Sciences expertise

Thursday, 18 September, 2014


E-LEARNING TOOLS - Safeguarding Educational Environment

In this two year project co financed by the EU Civil Protection/Financial Instrument and coordinated by Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca , 6 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands) are working on an online inventory of e-learning tools addressed to EU schools, Civil Protection volunteers and professionals. EU educational projects and best practices about disasters, risks, emergencies prevention, preparedness and self-protection.

The overall mission of Safeguarding Educational Environment, S.E.E PROJECT EU is to offer solutions to natural disasters, including all the categories involved in the prevention, preparedness, self-protection and cultural comprehension of the risks to students, staff, civil protection volunteers and professionals via a web based platform.


Keywords: Earth Sciences education, e-learning tools, EU project, Anthropic disaster