Monday, 18 June, 2018
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On the 7th of June, the European Commission published its first proposal for the 9th Research and innovation Framework (FP9) which will follow Horizon 2020 and will cover the years 2021 - 2027. The Commission proposes a total budget of 100 billion Euros for the "Horizon Europe" programme on research and innovation.

Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: "Horizon 2020 is one of Europe's biggest success stories. The new Horizon Europe programme aims even higher. As part of this, we want to increase funding for the European Research Council to strengthen the EU's global scientific leadership, and reengage citizens by setting ambitious new missions for EU research." 

Next to some tried and tested elements, the Commission plans to introduce a few new elements, among others:

  • New EU-wide research and innovation missions focusing on societal challenges and industrial competitiveness: The general idea behind this is to create more impact through mission-orientation and citizens’ involvement. The Commission plans to launch these so called missions to foster European added value and to tackle issues that affect our daily lives. Examples could range from the fight against cancer, to clean transport or plastic-free oceans. To ensure the involvement of civil society, these missions will be co-designed with citizens, stakeholders, the European Parliament and Member States. Mor einformation on the mission-oriented approach is available here.
  • More openness: The principle of 'open science' will become the modus operandi of Horizon Europe, requiring open access to publications and data. This will assist market uptake, increase the innovation potential, and improve the sharing of knowledge of results generated by EU funding.
  • Reduce adminitsrative burden: Rules will be simplified to both make it easier to apply for funding as well as manage projects after a successful proposal. 

The programme will be implemented through three pillars:


Source: European Commission, 2018.

You can find the Commission's press release here, factsheets as well as the texts of the legal proposals here, and some background of what went into the creation of Horizon Europe here

Remarks can be sent to the CETAf General Scretariat at info@cetaf.org which will then forward them to the Belgian Science Policy Office which will treat these remarks as input for the discussions and negotations about FP9 which will take place during the summer.