First meeting of the CETAF Research Assessment of Taxonomy Group

Thursday, 19 June, 2014

Members of the CETAF met to discuss the issue of Journal Impact Factors for taxonomy research, and its knock down effect on taxonomists. The group wanted to point out that Taxonomy is in fact basic science and efforts should be deployed to maintain it.

The main aim of this Working Commission is to make it fairer for taxonomists to compete in the broader research arena.

Although all particiapnts agreed that they cannot expect to change the system, their general objectives are to:

  • Define specific evaluation criteria for taxonomic research
  • Propose scales, rates and other metrics to measure the work of Taxonomists taking into account quality assessment.
  • Draft CETAF guidelines on the assessment of taxonomists and taxonomy based outputs built on the results of the work carried out in the two points described above. The guidelines will be presented to the GM for approval, comments or rejection.

During the meeting, participants discussed the need to create:

  • Guidelines on the citation of taxonomic works and the authors of species
  • a Web of Science specific list of Taxonomy and Systematics Journals
  • CETAF Guidelines for the evaluation of taxonomists and taxonomic outputs