FET-Open calls - Novel Ideas for Radically New Technologies

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015

FET-Open funding opportunities for Research projects

Under Horizon 2020, FET Open continues its mission to support early-stage joint science and technology research around new ideas for radically new future technologies. FET Open covers now ALL technological areas.


1/ FET Open calls for Research and Innovation Actions:

Being entirely non-prescriptive with regards to the nature or purpose of the technologies that are envisaged, this call targets the unexpected.

It is open to collaborative research that satisfies the FET-Open 'gatekeepers':

  • long-term vision
  • ambition of the scientific and technological breakthrough
  • foundational character
  • novelty
  • high-risk and deep synergistic interdisciplinary approach

FET-Open aspires to be an early detector of new and promising ideas, but also of the new high-potential actors in research and innovation (such as young researchers and high-tech SMEs) that may become the scientific and industrial leaders of the future.

Budget: 38.5M€ for Research and Innovations Actions


2/ FET Open also calls for Coordination and Support activities to turn Europe into the best place in the world for responsible collaborative research on future and emerging technologies that will make a difference for society in the decades to come. For the next call deadline, FET exchange and FET Take-Up topics are addressed.

Budget: 1.5M€ for Coordination and Support Actions


Next Call deadline: 29/09/2015.

More information on the calls here.