Wednesday, 25 October, 2017


Berlin’s Natural History Museum will be hosting a workshop on 25 October 2017 for representatives of museums and exhibitions who are interested to discover more about how the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) can operate within the setting of a museum or exhibition. The session, titled ‘Virtual Reality in the museum context’, will include impressive showcases and prototypes, providing the participants with a demonstration of all the possibilities that VR holds for innovative communication practice and as another way to present objects. The demonstrations were produced by the project titled ‘Natural history 365/24 – Berlin Natural History Museum’s multimedia applications lab’, which was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

One of the main showcases to be demonstrated is the Inside Tumucumaque Virtual Reality experience, which allows you to discover a clearing in the Amazon rainforest together with the faunal inhabitants of that environment. The prototype provides you with the opportunity to take on the role of a mantis, vampire bat, caiman, harpy eagle, tarantula and poison dart frog, letting you explore the various habitats of that particular animal by using the senses that are attributed to the organism. Guiding the perception of the player are such features as ultraviolet colour spectrums, movements in super-slow motion, visualisations of echolocations, infrared night visions, vibrations and spatially authentic 3D sound backdrops. What will follow are unforgettable moments of wonder, discovery and delight while no scientific fact was omitted from the picture.

For more information about this workshop, please check here.

To register, please go to the Registration Form on the website of Berlin Natural History Museum.