Event review: OpenAIRE2020 Workshop “Sharing Research Data and Open Access to publications in H2020”

Tuesday, 22 December, 2015

The CETAF Secretariat attended the OpenAIRE2020 workshop that was recently organised at the University of Ghent on 18 November 2015.

The morning was dedicated to presentations:

  • The European Commission recently introduced the “Open Research Data Pilot”. This states that all results and publications produced under H2020 funding have to be in Open Access. (To see if this is the case for your project, check your grant agreement.)
  • OpenAIRE2020 is an EU funded project to promote and develop infrastructures for project managers in the framework of the “Open Research Data Pilot” of the European Commission. Through the OpenAIRE platform, they offer services and tools to help project coordinators and researchers involved in projects that have to comply with this OA policies.
  • The “post-grant Open Access Pilot” was also presented at this event. The idea is to fund publications from previous FP7 projects to make in open access. This concerns publications from the last 2 years only.

During the afternoon, there were four interactive sessions where the attendants were requested to give their opinion and comments on a document produced by OpenAIRE2020 and aimed at managers and researchers interested in their services and tools.

All the presentations and videos of the event are available here: https://www.openaire.eu/ghent-workshop15

If you want to know more about this, please contact the CETAF Secretariat: info@cetaf.org