Tuesday, 5 February, 2019
GBIF - 7th European Nodes Meeting  Summary


Yesterday, the GBIF Governing Board has approved the appointment of Dr Joe Miller as the new Executive Secretary of GBIF. Miller joins GBIF after a five-year tenure at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). As a researcher, Miller has studied the evolution, biogeography and systematics of the Australian flora, with a particular focus on the plant genus Acacia. His current research focus is in the field of spatial phylogenetics, integrating GBIF species occurrence data with phylogenies that describe the evolutionary relationships between organisms. This research provides quantifiable and comparable data on diversity and endemism with direct applications to conservation planning.

Miller will join the 26 staff of the GBIF Secretariat in Copenhagen on 15 March, where he will have overall responsibility for the development and implementation of GBIF’s strategic plans, the operation of its infrastructure, the condition of its international network and its financial stability.

According to the press release of GBIF, “Dr Joe Miller joins GBIF at a crucial time in our journey,” said Tanya Abrahamse, current chair of the GBIF Governing Board. “GBIF is now seen as a leading player in the biodiversity informatics space, one expected to co-ordinate with a range of national and international entities to build a unifying platform for greater efficient and effective use of biodiversity data.

Miller will take over from Donald Hobern, who is stepping down after seven years showing great innovation and bulding a successful team as Executive Secretary and more than 12 years at the GBIF Secretariat, including an initial term as programme officer for data access and database interoperability. In the official press release he was quoted saying “I am very proud to have been able to contribute to GBIF’s development. GBIF is not only an important international tool for understanding the natural world, but an incredible and thriving network of skilled and committed individuals.”

CETAF very much looks forward to the continuation of the long-standing relationship and intensive collaboration between the CETAF and GBIF.