Thursday, 22 December, 2016

In a collaborative effort, the directors of the CETAF member institutions have come together to sign an Executive Summary of the CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan 2015 – 2025. By doing so, they highlight their support to continuing collaboration within CETAF and common endeavours in the years to come. 

The CETAF Strategy was adopted by the CETAF General Assembly at the CETAF General Meeting in Geneva in October 2015. In this document, CETAF lays out its common goals and objectives, its vision and core values, while identifying 25 clear targets within six strategic key areas, namely: research in systematics and taxonomy; biodiversity informatics and information technologies; science policy; taxonomy training and e-learning; natural history collection management and collection access; and communication and public outreach.

With the Executive Summary of this Strategy paper, CETAF offers the opportunity to gather key information at a glance. Moreover, with their signatures, directors of all CETAF Member Institutions show their strong commitment towards this common approach, towards the community of natural science researchers, and their willingness to strengthen and intensify the joint work underpinned by shared core values such as trans-national engagement to understanding and promoting diversity in nature; cooperation and transparency; science in society for the understanding and sustainable use of biodiversity; resilience; equality, collaboration; and responsible research.

By following their core values and working for scientific advances within the key strategic areas and beyond, CETAF demonstrates once more the benefits of knowledge and resource sharing and collaboration leading to synergies that are greater than the sum of the institutions themselves.

You can access the document here.