Wednesday, 6 March, 2019


At CETAF 44, the CETAF European Initiatives Advisory Group presented the latest developments regarding the new framework programme Horizon Europe. Within this programme lies a new opportunity to further establish the position of CETAF and its members as scientific institutions who conduct cutting edge, socially relevant research: the so-called missions. For this new instrument, proposals can be submitted that might later get taken up.

This is a chance to submit a great proposal to persuade the European Commission to dedicate funding to a Mission Biodiversity. These mission proposals have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. You will find those and further information in the document below.

We call upon you, the scientists that actually do the research in our institutions, to be imaginative and submit your ideas as to what such a Mission Biodiversity could entail. Be bold! Suggest what you otherwise might think impossible, what you always needed for really advancing biodiversity research but seemed unrealistic to obtain the funding for.

The best suggestions will be presented at CETAF45 in Tartu and will form the basis of a workshop at Biodiversity_next in October.

Please submit your ideas no later than 18 March 2019 to!