CETAF's work on Access & Benefit Sharing quoted in the Oxford Journals

Thursday, 11 June, 2015
ABS Oxford Journals

Within its "Working Groups", CETAF regularly produces guidelines and articles exploring hot topics and issues. Some of these exploratory work from the Legislation & Regulations Group have now been used as a source by the prestigious Oxford Journals.

Excerpt: "When researchers take genetic resources—organisms, tissue, DNA—from another country, what obligation are they under to share potential benefits, if any, of their find with the country of origin? How about natural history museums that accept new specimens for their collections? According to the Nagoya Protocol (NP), collectors of genetic resources should share the benefits with the countries where the materials originate, which often are in poorer regions of the Southern Hemisphere. Although 59 parties have ratified this agreement, few of those affected by it in the museum, botanical garden, and collection communities in the United States have even heard of it."


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