CETAF at Strategic Workshop for Biodiversity Partnership

Monday, 18 November, 2019


On 13 and 14 November, Biodiversa and the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation; DG Environment) jointly organised a strategic workshop to discuss a potential European co-funded Partnership on Biodiversity under Horizon Europe. The event took place in Brussels at the Palais des Académies. Being in proximity to our offices, CETAF took the opportunity and participated in this strategically important event.

The different kind of partnerships that existed under Horizon 2020 will be brought together under a new policy and will be uniformly called European Partnerships. One of these new types of partnerships are co-called co-funded partnerships. They will combine EU and national public and/or other R&I funding sources.

One of these could potentially be on biodiversity. Biodiversa and the European Commission therefore brought together important stakeholders for this strategic workshop, to co-create the partnership. This includes all the necessary elements, from objectives and needs to activities, outputs and expected impacts. They were discussed in breakout sessions with smaller groups, to make sure that each participant could contribute their ideas. The results of the workshop will be condensed by Biodiversa to a consolidated draft proposal for a partnership. This will be followed by a broad stakeholder consultation and more in-depth strategic workshops before the proposal is submitted and the biodiversity partnership hopefully is included from the onset of Horizon Europe.

We thank the hosts for their invitation and all there hard work of making this very important partnership a reality. CETAF was more than happy to contribute to the success of the event.