CETAF spreading the word on taxonomy and collections at the first Biodiversity fair in Brussels

Wednesday, 3 June, 2015
CETAF @ Empowering Biodiversity

At the end of May, the CETAF General Secretariat took part in the very first Biodiversity fair organised in Brussels, Belgium. The fair was organised to take place during the "Empowering Biodiversity Research" Conference organised by the team of Biodiversity.be.

"The two first morning sessions of the conference were dedicated to present the current landscape and the future developments in the field of Biodiversity Informatics." explains Lise Goudeseune, International Relations Officer for CETAF. "It has been shown that an important number of initiatives are emerging in this very fast changing and innovative field. Yet they face many challenges like how to manage the huge amount of data ? How to use it ? And to what purpose ?"

"These were followed by short lightening talks demonstrating how technologies such as DNA barcoding, acoustic indicators, or remote sensing are used in research projects to track and monitor changes in biodiversity and ecosystems. And in the afternoon, five researchers presented their projects more in detail with the same objective of outlining how important Biodiversity Informatics has become for many topics of scientific research dealing with biodiversity issues."

CETAF @ Empowering Biodiversity 2 

But the CETAF General Secretariat wasn't just there to learn about these hot topics. A stand was set-up to distribute leaflets, show the website and poster, and to discuss and network with the scientific community. Several member institutions of CETAF had also send their own promotional material to be featured at the event.

Natural History collections, botanic gardens and institutions that are part of CETAF are increasingly using informatics to manage their collections and improve access to data.


Here is a link to the event's programme AND powerpoint presentations: http://www.biodiversity.be/conference2015/program/