Monday, 19 December, 2016

From type and number of collections to laboratories, staff and research areas, any researcher or interested individual will have access to up-to-date information contained in an extensive database of the facilities and resources that CETAF members hold. Find out with just a click what the museums and botanic gardens of CETAF may provide to scientific development. The newly developed online tool to search information is based on the institutional profiles of our members. All of them have contributed by providing the most up-to-date and accurate information on what the taxonomic facilities have in store for anyone who has an interest in finding out more.

The institutional profiles contain a wide range of information on our member institutions. This includes information on how to find or contact them, but also on education services or ways to get involved via their communication channels. Most importantly, they include all you need to know about the research happening all around the CETAF Community: the expertise held in the institutions, the publications, the tools and laboratories, and above all, every detail about the natural science collections that are kept across the major natural history institutions in Europe.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about one specific institution, the institutional profiles will help you retrieve that information and get in touch with the right people. Moreover, institutional profiles allow users to get an overview over European collections and institutions to get a better understanding of what you can find throughout the community and what the various possibilities are.

The search engine on the other hand allows everyone who is interested in a particular research topic, specific collections, important tools or the opportunity to – for example – exchange seed samples for their seed banks, to find the exact institution that would fit their needs.

The extensive filter system allows users to search for 11 different features or a combination of those. So when, for instance, you are looking for an institution in the your home country with collections in Mycology and an expertise in fungi, then this can be done through the search engine. 

Check it out here.