CETAF @ European Green Week

Thursday, 11 June, 2015
CETAF @ European Green Week

The Cetaf General Secretariat attended last week's European Green Week (3rd to 5th of June), organised in the heart of Brussels. The event, which focused on Nature and Biodiversity, was a chance for CETAF to network with many key actors and spread its name and actions as well as keep up-to-date with the latest development in the field of biodiversity.

"A variety of stakeholders participated in the event " recalls Lise Goudeseune, International Relations Officer for CETAF. "There were representatives from various DG of the EC, members of the European Parliament, NGOs, public authorities, private companies, academics, activists... "

Many different topics were tackled during these 3 days with a specific focus on the economical aspects of biodiversity.

The conference has also been the occasion to show the increasing participation of citizens in scientific observations. For example, the EuroBirdPortal has been launched during the Friday session. This innovative European initiative is gathering data from national websites hosting data on birds uploaded by citizens. Based on this data, EuroBirdPortal (http://www.eurobirdportal.org/) can create maps and show occurrence and migration paths of birds in an interactive way.

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