Call for organizing a CETAF Symposium during BioSyst.EU meeting in August 2017 in Sweden

Thursday, 15 October, 2015

CETAF has been invited to submit a proposal or proposals for half-day symposia and/or workshops to the organizing committee of the BioSyst.EU meeting by the 1st December 2015.

The symposium proposals should include a short description and motivation of the theme, the name of a suggested symposium coordinator from your organization, and the name of at least one invited speaker. At present we have no funding available for the symposia; this will have to be arranged by the organization submitting the symposium proposal. More than one symposium can be submitted per organization.

Individuals or groups of individuals from CETAF member institutions or CETAF working groups are invited to submit proposals for symposia to the CETAF EC by the 20 November 2015 for review.
Proposals that are retained will be communicated, by the proposers, to the BioSyst.EU organising committee. Proposals retained by the BioSyst.EU organising committee may apply for funds from CETAF to facilitate the organisation of the symposium, as agreed during CETAF37.

Please send your proposals to :


Call for the organizing of a CETAF Symposium at the BioSyst.EU meeting (15–18 August 2017), Gothenburg, Sweden