Belgian Royal Museum for Central Africa exports its Fish Taxonomy training to Senegal

Thursday, 4 June, 2015
MRAC Fish Taxonomy training

Each year, The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA)  organizes a comprehensive training session on FishBase and fish taxonomy. This three month training session is held alternately in English and in French, and is intended for African scientists with an interest and expertise in African fresh- and brackish water fishes and their biology. This november, for the first time, an edition of this course will be organised in Dakar.

MRAC Fish Taxonomy training 2 

For the RMCA, the objectives of this new courses are to share their expertise in FishBase and African ichthyology, establish new and maintain existing collaborations with trainees and their home institutions, and encourage participation and capacity building (e.g. spreading use of FishBase, completing FishBase, …).

Trainees will in turn acquire skills for Ph.D. studies and launch a scientific career.

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