Thursday, 11 May, 2017


On Thursday 18th May 2017, CETAF will be co-organizing the 1st EU Conference in the frame of the BIOTALENT project. The half-a-day Conference will be hosted by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels and the Coordinator of the Project, Dr. Isabella Van de Velde. As a flagship project for training and e-learning coming out of the CETAF Community and the project partners, this ERASMUS+ initiative will emphasize to a diverse target audience the importance of natural science collections and biodiversity skills development in addressing environmental challenges of today. The innovative education methods provided in this programme, by means of inquiry-based and blended learning, shows that the CETAF Community is at the forefront of providing a platform for biodiversity training while remaining a true hub for taxonomy outreach.

The conference will showcase the qualities of the BIOTALENT programme and subsequently enlighten the conference attendees on innovative learning methods for science education purposes. Moreover, expert speakers in the field of science and environmental education from across Europe will shine their light on various aspects of this issue in an open panel discussion, moderated by science writer and journalist Dirk Draulans. The event will conclude with a special lunch featuring some creepy-crawly delights and an on-site tour of the temporary Poison exhibition at the Museum of Natural Sciences.

For more information on the BIOTALENT project and conference, please check out the links below.

BIOTALENT Project Website: http://biotalent.myspecies.info/

BIOTALENT Conference Webpagehttp://biotalent.myspecies.info/content/eu-conference