19th of March is Taxonomist Appreciation Day

Wednesday, 18 March, 2015
Buzz Hoot Roar have been celebrating Taxonomist Appreciation Day with a pun contest!

Championned since 2013 by American researcher Terry McGlynn, Taxonomist Appreciation Day is an occasion to shine a light on taxonomy by giving public thanks to an influential figure on the world wide web.

Since 2013, every 19th of March, Terry McGlynn celebrates Taxonomist Appreciation Day by blogging and tweeting about taxonomy and about one particular figure that has influenced his work: Jack Longino. As Terry McGlynn explains: " I want to declare a new holiday! If you’re a biologist, no matter what kind of work you do, there are people in your lives that have made your work possible. Even if you’re working on a single-species system, or are a theoretician, the discoveries and methods of systematists are the basis of your work. Long before mass sequencing or the emergence of proteomics, and other stuff like that, the foundations of bioinformatics were laid by systematists. We need active work on taxonomy and systematics if our work is going to progress, and if we are to apply our findings. Without taxonomists, entire fields wouldn’t exist. We’d be working in darkness."

The evangelist work of Terry McGlynn has been picked-up by several other voices on the world wide web and has also resulted in a humoristic "pun" competition featured at buzzhootroar.com.

So, the question remains: which taxonomist influenced your work?


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