Become a Member of CETAF

Are you interested in becoming a member of CETAF?  Please read on because if you represent an institution or consortia of institutions that hold collections of importance in Europe, CETAF can offer you a wide range of benefits. 

CETAF strengthens the synergies of its member institutions by providing the means to share knowledge, data and skills. Our current members house over half of the world's biological collections that represent more than 80% of all species described to date from all over the globe. We provide a gateway to biological collections and associated information; we coordinate joint actions to develop innovative research, tools and capabilities among our members and we promote training, education and public outreach.

CETAF provides two membership categories: Full Members and Associated Members (see below).

As a Full member of CETAF, you would enjoy the following key benefits:

  - networking with other similar institutions

  - collaborations within and across Europe on taxonomy or collections-based issues

  - increased access to information and information-flow

  - participation in European-wide initiatives

  - contribution to the active CETAF bodies

Above, you can find a document with a full list of benefits along with practical examples. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions that you may have:


Ana Casino

CETAF Executive Director

T. +32 (0) 2 627 42 51


Become a Full Member

If you would like to become a Full Member of CETAF, or you are looking for more detailed information about our Consortium please read the attached documents or contact us, at the CETAF General Secretariat.


CETAF Membership Benefits

CETAF Welcome Package: Statutes, Bylaws, Business Model 2016-2019, Position Paper

Membership Application

Letter from Chair to Applicants

Membership Application Form


The fees contributed by our Members are based upon their size in terms of their collections, research capacities and financial resources. Their contributions ensure that CETAF is established as a taxonomic research network of reference in Europe, and that its research contributes to Europe's knowledge-base.

Very Large Member:          10,800 €/year
Large Member:                    6,450 €/year
Medium Member:                 2,200 €/year
Associated Members:             800 €/year

See the CETAF AISBL Business model for more information.


CETAF members have been requested to complete the CETAF Passport (see below) that gives information on their collections, instutions, research capacities and communication systems. This document is used to complete an inventory of the collections, taxonomic expertise, scientific publications and research facilities that are held within the CETAF membership.

CETAF Passport

Letter from the Chair to Members

CETAF Passport Form

Become an Associated Member

For a limited duration associations or consortia can become CETAF Associated Members. Associate members share the same rights as a Full Members, excepting they are excluded from voting in the General Meetings.

If you would like to become an Associated Member of CETAF, or you are looking for more detailed information about our Consortium and how to become part of it, please contact us at the CETAF General Secretariat.