Natural History Museum - Florence University Museum System

Museum; Botanical Garden; University

Original name(s)

  • Museo di Storia Naturale - Sistema Museale di Ateneo di Firenze (it - Italian)
Institution Address

Via La Pira 4
50121  Florence
IT - Italy

Type of organisation

Institution Address

Via La Pira 4
50121 Florence
IT - Italy

Museum; Botanical Garden; University (Public)

Director Representative

Marco Benvenuti


Structure Chart

Governing & Executive bodies

President Director (more administrative tasks) Scientific Council (CS) Technical Council (CTC)

Staff fields

scientific staff collections permanent: 18.0.staff administrative permanent: 5.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 25.0.staff exhibitions permanent: 4.0

Membership fields

Full member

General Description

New tools for environmental education is a partnership between three European Botanical Gardens, Florence, Madrid and Meise (Brussels). To identify new tools for environmental education to be proposed to teachers, botanical gardens, passionates, associations. It is created a web site where it is possible to find all the information about the project and to the voice "Guides corner" the guides of the three Botanical Gardens shared their experiences and best practices which can be used by the guides of others Botanical Gardens. In the web site it is also possible to find a handbook with many workshops, suggestions about environmental education. On the web site EST is possible to find the results of the project.

Research Fields

  • Botany: Poaceae, Boraginaceae
  • Entomology: some beetle families (Lucanidae, Brentidae, Dytiscidae, Heteroceridae, Elmidae, Dryopidae, Staphylinidae Xantholinini)
  • Diptera Phoridae
  • water bugs (Hemiptera Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha, Leptopodomorpha)
  • Hymenoptera Tiphiidae
  • Odonata
  • Scorpiones
  • Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura and Crustacea Cirripedia
  • Mollusca Pulmonata, Prosobranchia and Bivalvia (Paleartic)
  • Mammalia:Chiroptera
  • Botanical Garden: Rosaceae, old varieties
  • Palaeontology: Fossil carnivores, Fossil Mollusca Bivalvia and Gasteropoda (Eocene and Pliocene)
  • Anthropology: Ethnography

Research Initiative

On-line outreach activitie : : []
other outreach activitie : : []
Non academic trainings : : []
Academic trainings : : []
General description : : ['']


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